KineDek Peak Performance & Rapid Recovery Platform: Somerset West Ladies Hockey

A limited 3-week trial was done at Blaauw and Partners Biokinetics with masters female hockey players in Somerset West.

Following the trial, participants showed a noticeable improvement in their performance on the field. A B&P report on their experience with the KineDek includes a comment stating that the KineDek has also been used for sport conditioning with masters hockey players, yielding positive results.

The players reported experiencing less back pain and improved functional movement during their games including hitting the ball harder.

The KineDek is a performance-enhancing tool designed to facilitate rapid recovery. It also significantly improves strength, endurance and stamina.

Its effectiveness is demonstrated by an up to 80% reduction in recovery time after strenuous workouts or competitions, both immediately after and up to 5 days following a KineDek session.

The fundamental principle of KineDek is that there's no need for recovery time after a strenuous strength workout, and the improvements in performance are almost immediate. Furthermore, if your energy levels are low, the KineDek can increase your energy during the workout.

This can easily be shown to be effective after doing a single KineDek session. If you're interested in trying it out, please send a request for a demo to


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