KineDek Peak Performance & Rapid Recovery Platform: Lucy Thomas

Lucy Thomas was in a devastating accident on 17 February 2022 and survived but was left a T9 complete paraplegic. She was released from the hospital in July and started KineDek session on 20 August.

On 26 November she did her first hand-cycle. Since starting her cycling she gained between 15 to 20% in power every week after KineDek sessions. Typically, the ride immediately afterwards showed the peak increase while the one she usually does on the 6th day is consistently more sluggish, but higher than the previous week.

An example of the post KineDek improvements is the latest session which was on 8 March 2022, and the final session before the Cape Town Cycle Tour she participated in. This was her hardest KineDek session since she started. 2 hours after she did the KineDek session she did an indoor cycle, and her Zwift results showed an 84-Watt average power over 20km.

She showed no post workout fatigue, in fact her power increase was roughly a 20% increase over the week before.

The KineDek is a performance-enhancing tool designed to facilitate rapid recovery. It also significantly improves strength, endurance and stamina.

Its effectiveness is demonstrated by an up to 80% reduction in recovery time after strenuous workouts or competitions, both immediately after and up to 5 days following a KineDek session.

The fundamental principle of KineDek is that there's no need for recovery time after a strenuous strength workout, and the improvements in performance are almost immediate. Furthermore, if your energy levels are low, the KineDek can increase your energy during the workout.This can easily be shown to be effective after doing a single KineDek session. If you're interested in trying it out, please send a request for a demo to


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