Case Study: Bridgetti Lim Banda's Journey with Chronic Pain and Fatigue



Fibromyalgia, Dercum’s & ME/CFS.     


Weekly 20-minute KineDek sessions.   


Improvement in overall energy levels and lower levels of pain. Is now able to work significantly longer hours with higher energy and without fatigue setting in.  Not doing weekly session brings increased risk of Fibromyalgia/CFS attack but with significantly reduced duration and intensity.

Disclaimer: The above has been feedback from the personal experiences of an individual who have used the KineDek. These accounts are individual to each person and are not to be taken as a guarantee that others will experience the same outcomes. The KineDek is not presented as a cure for any condition. Rather, it serves as an enabler for exercise, particularly for those who may otherwise find traditional forms of exercise challenging or painful. Through its AI-enabled Compensating Resistance Technology (AI-CRT), the KineDek allows individuals to engage in physical activity without perceived pain, strain, or subsequent inflammation. Consequently, users can enjoy the well-documented benefits of "Exercise as Medicine." If you have a serious medical condition, always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise regimen. 


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