Case Study: Denise Tillock's Journey with Osteoarthritis & Myopathy


82 years old with Heart condition (has stents), High Cholesterol, Hip and shoulder arthritis, Low stamina, Lower-body myopathy and weakness due to side-effects of Statins and was at times wheelchair bound.


Twice weekly 20-minute KineDek sessions on most weeks:

  • Denise started KineDek sessions on 19 September 2022.
  • On the initial session her hip pain due to arthritis disappeared and her mobility was increased. She reported to be easily out of breath when walking which she is now able to do.
  • Deadlift was added the following week with significant lower-body strength development in weeks to follow – 10kg out of breath to 21kg not out of breath by last session.
  • She reports significant increase in stamina and was no longer out of breath on longer walks.


Normal functionality with no signs of lower body weakness or arthritic pain. Significantly improved sleep, mood and energy. She also indicated steady weight loss, and improved overall muscle tone, including noticeable muscle development in the abdominal area, shoulders arms and legs. Skin tone also improved with increased muscle size and decrease flab around the arms.

Denise was a former Pick 'n Pay executive. 

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Disclaimer: The above has been feedback from the personal experiences of an individual who have used the KineDek. These accounts are individual to each person and are not to be taken as a guarantee that others will experience the same outcomes. The KineDek is not presented as a cure for any condition. Rather, it serves as an enabler for exercise, particularly for those who may otherwise find traditional forms of exercise challenging or painful. Through its AI-enabled Compensating Resistance Technology (AI-CRT), the KineDek allows individuals to engage in physical activity without perceived pain, strain, or subsequent inflammation. Consequently, users can enjoy the well-documented benefits of "Exercise as Medicine." If you have a serious medical condition, always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise regimen.


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