KineDek Peak Performance & Rapid Recovery Platform: Increasing Workplace Productivity & Staff Morale

Case 7: The Workplace Athlete

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Dear Vekta Innovations Ergonomist

Thank you so much for the feedback on our staff’s response to your programme. I can literally see the difference in the staff that you worked with. Jane (the stock controller) is like a new person and Siya has a spring in his poor feet that he has stood on for 28 years making bread (Jane had post partum depression and was overweight post pregnancy; Siya had rheumatoid arthritis that previously severely affected his knees as well as shoulder issues as a consequence of his job).

I was wondering if we could offer this to additional staff on a more formal basis now that we know it works so well.

I am sure a cashier team would benefit from the training you offer on how to sit all day and still be able to smile at their customers at the end of the day and hopefully go home and enjoy some family time at the end of their shift.

I am really excited to see the enthusiasm and excitement that the trial staff put into the programme. It is obviously fun and they felt the results. We know humans will use every excuse under the sun to avoid exercise if they are not enjoying it and benefitting from it. You managed to get everyone engaged and participating very successfully so your programme / machine (KineDek) works.

I look forward to a positive response.

Kind regards

Rural KZN SPAR Owner 

The reported experience was that staff felt more energized at work, as well as having a more pleasant energetic after work experience. 

The KineDek is a performance-enhancing tool designed to facilitate rapid recovery. It also significantly improves strength, endurance and stamina, and boosts mood and energy after a session. 

The KineDek's effectiveness is underscored by its short sessions, typically less than 20 minutes once weekly. Sometimes, a brief 2-minute movement suffices, and would be applied to sedentary workers such as cashiers described in the letter, making it a flexible and convenient option that can be seamlessly incorporated into the workplace. The KineDek's ability to bring positive transformations without the need for clothing changes, coupled with its direct workplace applicability, positions it as an invaluable tool for businesses prioritizing the health and performance of their employees. 

These claims can readily be shown to be effective after doing a single KineDek session. If you're interested in trying it out, please send a request for a demo to


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